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Elevate & Execute Business Owners Package

Elevate & Execute Business Owners Package

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Is your business out of order?  It's time to establish a proper foundation with ongoing training AND business protection training. 

Dr Lynn Richardson has elevated the businesses of some of the world's greatest icons and she can help you too.  Save hundreds of dollars, get access to free training, and protect your business with this package. 

This discounted package includes an assessment from Dr Lynn, plus membership in the Entrepreneurs Academy for 90 Days so you can get your foundation in place and understand your business strategy.  There are DOZENS of classes and opportunities to connect with Dr Lynn in the Entrepreneurs Academy.   

It also includes SIX of her greatest business books, including:  The Symphony and Get Your Money Back,

Please note, this series includes: How to Start a Homebased Business - Why Do you need it?  Most people who started a business do not understand the basics of establishing a sole proprietorship or single member LLC.  Even if you have a corporation or an S-Corp and you don't know about the hundreds of tax deductions for business owners and how to properly document them, you NEED this course.   Everyone must have at least one sole proprietorship or single member LLC even if you have other businesses.  This 90-minute hour game changing course explains why. 

It also includes the following live BUSINESS PROTECTION sessions:

1. Business Finance 101 - get your numbers in order so you can position your business for expansion with CFO, Ingrid Woolfolk. 

2. How to start a corporation or LLC - Learn about resolutions for your corporate record book so you can keep the protection of the corporate veil provided when you establish an LLC or corporation

3. Trademarks and Copyright - Secure Your Brand before it's stolen! Understand the steps you need to take in the trademark and copyright process with Attorney Michelle Miller. 


You may attend Dr Lynn's webinars as much as you want.

You may attend the business protection training one time.  If you miss one of the webinars, you will receive rescheduling options immediately. 

The cost to purchase these items in this package separately is over $750, so act now.  

If you own a business, LLC, Corporation, or Partnership, you MUST invest in this package to protect yourself from lawsuits and unnecessary tax liability. 

The whole reason to have a business is to be protected by what is known as the corporate veil, but if you don't know how to run your business like a business, you are subject to experience negative legal and tax effects. 

Do you know that if you don't record your "pay" properly in your corporate record book that you are probably co-mingling funds even if you are the sole owner with a separate business account?  Did you know you must have an updated record book with corporate minutes and an annual meeting and if you do not, your business is at stake?  Do you know who is supposed to sign those minutes and how often?  Do you know how to run your business like a business and let your records protect you in the event of a lawsuit or tax audit?  Do you know which corporate role to play if you are a sole owner?  If you don't, not only will your business lose its assets in a lawsuit, but your personal assets will also be at stake.  

Attorney Michelle J Miller will teach you how to operate your business under the protection of the corporate veil.  You will leave this session with proper bylaws, operating agreements, initial meeting protocol, resolutions, and annual meeting protocol in this 3-part series.

This package is not included in the Entrepreneurs Academy (members may use their discount code to purchase the items in this package), nor is it included in the W.E.A.L.T.H. Ambassador program (you may use your link to purchase the additional items in this program). 

Access will be sent via email to all registrants for all live sessions - YOU WILL GET IT 2 HOURS PRIOR - PLEASE be careful about typos - check spam. Load Zoom EARLY so you will be able to access the webinar.

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