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Lynn Richardson's Financial Coaches Bootcamp

Lynn Richardson's Financial Coaches Bootcamp

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What is a Master Financial Coach?

One who understands principles and strategies and can provide a personal financial analysis in ALL of the seven financial coaching areas:

  1. Credit Management, Budgeting and Debt Elimination
  2. Homebuying, Real Estate Investing and Mortgage Analysis
  3. Insurance and Estate Planning Strategies
  4. Tax Strategies
  5. Retirement Strategies
  6. Higher Education Financial Aid
  7. Mind Adjustment


What Makes Lynn Richardson a Master Financial Coach?

Lynn Richardson has over two decades of experience in the financial services arena. Not only did she succeed in these areas, but her mastery of them led her to being in the top percentage of professionals in her craft, writing books addressing all of these topics, and facilitating MASSIVE transformation in the lives of those who needed a financial intervention. One of her most notable cases is that of a lady who had 4 bankruptcies and two foreclosures, who became a homeowner following Lynn's signature Mortgage Approval Plan, which guides future homeowners through a strict credit, budgeting and debt elimination process. One of her clients filed bankruptcy and her scores actually INCREASED. She has followed renown IRS tax attorney Sandy Botkin for over 11 years and has successfully helped countless families save on their taxes. Lynn's production granted her membership into the insurance industry's Million Dollar Round Table in record time: she gained access within three months of receiving her investment licenses. She helped students achieve the dream of obtaining a higher education when she was a college financial aid executive and if all of that isn't enough, she is an ordained minister who helps people change their minds, and deal with their emotions so they can create new habits that lead to personal, professional and spiritual harmony. Now she wants to train you!


What Will I Gain from Attending Lynn Richardson's Financial Coaches Bootcamp?

How to explode your business quantitatively while maintaining excellence qualitatively.

Mastery of the seven areas of personal financial coaching.

The ability to work with a larger variety of new clients.

Step by step instructions and support in writing YOUR book.

Opportunity to join Lynn's List.

The ability to help others build wealth with a comprehensive skillset.


You Will NOT Gain the Following:

You will not be licensed to practice any particular area that requires licensing; however you will have enough knowledge to guide your clients and help them ask the right questions. For example: You will not originate a mortgage loan for a first time homebuyer, but you will know how to calculate a mortgage payment by hand and understand the basic qualification and underwriting guidelines for FHA, VA and Conventional lending so you can help your clients better navigate the process. Another example, you will not provide investment advice or quote the stock market, but you will understand how to help your client ask the right questions and know when they should start creating their own pension and evaluating the benefits of a 401k versus an annuity. Another example, you will not show property or write real estate contracts, but you will help your clients understand how to assess whether a real estate investment has adequate cashflow and or return on investment potential. All of this and more!

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