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W.E.A.L.T.H. Vision 20/20 Financial Coaching

W.E.A.L.T.H. Vision 20/20 Financial Coaching

$ 49.00 $ 49.00

Start 2024 OFF Right!  If your focus is managing your money and learning about business too, this is for you.  

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Money will work harder for you than you can EVER work for it!

Everyone deserves the peace that comes along with financial freedom.

W.E.A.L.T.H. Vision 20/20 Financial Coaching is "Where financial dreams meet focus to generate wealth."  People fail in life because they don't know what they don't know.  

Personal trainers help you set goals, identify and undo destructive habits, push past your own beliefs, and teach you what you don't know so you can become at peace with your health.

Master Financial Coach Lynn Richardson will help you set goals, identify and undo destructive habits, push past your own beliefs, and teach you what you don't know so you can gain peace with your finances.  

W.E.A.L.T.H. Vision 20/20 Financial Coaching provides the following:

1. LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR MONEY GROW with step by step online daily coaching from Lynn Richardson.  Listen to her voice each day when you log in on your computer or device to hear your instructions for the day.  

2. A one stop shop to create your budget, learn how to live by the 10-10-30-50 and pay attention to your money!  Incorporate the STAIRSTEPS TO WEALTH into your financial strategy.

3. Written financial assessment and financial updates when your situation changes. 

4. Access to VETTED financial coaches in specialized areas (mortgages, insurance, real estate, accounting, etc.) to help you achieve your goals. 

5. ONE FREE WEBINAR OF YOUR CHOICE each month!  This is a gamechanger. You can improve your finances at your own pace.  If you want more than one webinar each month, sign up for the Entrepreneurs Academy

IF YOU WANT TO SIGN UP FOR COACHING START NOW!    $49 monthly.   Cancel whenever you want to.   The first payment comes with two FREE books:  "Living Check to Monday: The Real Deal About Money, Credit and Financial Security" and "The Symphony: A Guide to Creating and Balancing Multiple Streams of Income."  NOTE:  If you already have these free gifts, give them to someone who needs them. 


NOTE . . . this is an ongoing subscription for $49 per month (you can cancel any time).  All enrollment services described herein are active as long as the subscription is active.  If you cancel your subscription, access to all services are cancelled simultaneously.

No Refunds.

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